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Ecological Services

-Preliminary ecological assessments including GIS and LIDAR evaluations 


-Wetland Assessment and wetland delineation


-Protected species assessment and surveys


-Regulatory permitting services including both State (Environmental Resource Permitting) and Federal 404 wetland permitting


-Wetland mitigation bank design, permitting and management


-Wetland mitigation design and planting as well as management


-Invasive species control and management


-Project design alternatives to maximize site use while minimizing mitigation/construction costs

Environmental Services

-Phase I Environmental Sites Assessments (ESAs)


-Phase II ESAs and testing


-Environmental remediation and clean up


-Brownfields and incentive programs


-Development design alternatives to accommodate environmental design constraints

Land Management Services

-Heavy under brushing utilizing skid steer mounted grinding head mowers


-Herbicide application 


-Removal and management of invasive species such as Chinese tallow and Brazilian pepper


-Installation of native plant material for habitat restoration


-Timber management and planning


-Wildlife habitat design and management


- Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) grant programs

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